The OA Committee has agreed to give extra support to our successor school, The Ursuline College, let by their excellent new Headteacher, Danielle Lancefield, who gave an inspirational speech to our recent OA lunch in Westgate.

Our support will be given on the basis of their priorities as Ms Lancefield and her team are best placed to judge what these are.

If you can help, please contact Andrew Sharp via our Contact Us page as we will assist the College by prioritising the offers of help made following their advice.

Our shared goal is that the Ursuline College, whose roots are made up of St. Augustine's College and the Ursuline Convent School, will once again become the Catholic Secondary School of choice in Kent. That means that the current and future generations of Ursuline College students enjoy the same opportunities in education as we did. Anything less is not good enough!

We invite our Sister Alumni from the Ursulines to join us in this project. There should be no reason why this College, with its strong Ursuline ethos and Benedictine influence, cannot match the success of previous generations. Nothing but the best will do!

For those Old Augustinians who want to help, here is what you can do: if you live in Kent or travelling distance of Westgate and you think you can use your knowledge and experience to help the Ursuline College, then please consider becoming an Ursuline Governor. Alternatively, you may wish to make a donation to the school particularly to help with those additional costs as we enter difficult economic times where some children need extra support from the school. As a Society we will be making a donation but individual donations are welcome too. We want to work with the Ursuline Alumni, so that we can work together as a support and recourse that the Ursuline College can call upon when they need some help.

If you can help in any of these ways, please contact Andrew Sharp at and not the school directly as we will help coordinate the offers of help as this will help them. We hope you will give us your support in this important endeavour.